Sanjay Dutt’s biggest fan’s tribute for Sanju movie 


Aayush Jadeja is a 41 year old man who runs his family impersonating Sanjay Dutt. Aayush has been doing that since the year 1998 and very proudly confesses that he is the only lookalike of Sanjay Dutt in the Industry. However this gu has never got a chance to even shake hands with his legend.

Aayush had first seen Sanjay Dutt in the chat show, Yaadon ki Baarat where he got special mentions after doing a gig from Dutt’s Vaastav.

Aayush has done more than 40 Gujrati films, stage shows in India and across the world as a Dutt lookalike. The 41 years old guy claims to be the biggest fan of Dutt and he tried to impersonate his idol’s all possible look in his latest poster copy which holds resemblance of the poster of Sanju.

He says he will take a trouble as he took one to get this photoshoot with the right kind of clothes, studio, wigs etc as his small contribution towards the movie and Sanjay Dutt.

Aayush was born in Thane, Mumbai and has done possibly all sorts of jobs including washing auto rickshaws, riding ones, selling news paper before he could realize that he has remarkable striking features of Dutt.


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